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God's House of Deliverance

Holiness Church

"A Place Where the Holy Spirit Lives and Moves"

Committee & Ministry

  1. Accountability Ministry
  2. Administrative Department
  3. Benevolence Committee
  4. Brotherhood Department
  5. Children’s Ministry
  6. Children’s SS Teacher
  7. Church Choir
  8. Cleaning Committee
  9. Evangelistic Ministry
  10. Food Service Committee
  11. Gift Committee
  12. Hospitality Committee
  13. Pastoral Care Committee
  14. Planning & Development Team
  15. Property Management
  16. Sound Management Team
  17. Stewardship Committee
  18. Sunday School Department
  19. SS Superintendent
  20. Usher Board
  21. Welcoming Committee
  22. Worship Committee
  23. Youth Ministry
  24. Youth SS Teacher


  • Accountability Ministry - is responsible for calling and /or visiting all members that have been absent or slacking in attendance and/or their spiritual walk.
  • Administrative Deptartment - assists Evang. Crystal Hallman in secretarial duties which could include: making phone calls, scheduling events, assembling programs, etc.
  • Benevolence Committee - is responsible for visiting the sick, shut-in, and needy as well as assist in coordinating funeral services.
  • Brotherhood Department - works closely with the deacons and Apostle McGowan. They host church functions as well as non-church events, like BBQs, Car Washes, etc.
  • Children’s Ministry - is designed to nurture our children and to help them grow in their faith. The ages range from 1yr to 11yrs.
  • Children’s SS Teacher - Teach children the love and attributes of Christ.
  • Church Choir - is designed to Praise the Lord through song as well as uplift our fellow saints. The choir also sings at functions outside of GHOD.
  • Cleaning Committee - Clean the main sanctuary, foyer & restrooms on a weekly basis. Clean the kitchen and dining area after every meal and the rest of the church on a quarterly basis.
  • Evangelistic Ministry - Hand out witnessing material as well as church advertisements. Host revivals & prayer services, speak at outside engagments, etc.
  • Food Service Committee - The food service committee coordinates meals for after the morning services, special evening services and funerals. This group also helps supervise the Loving Kindness Ministry Food Pantry.
  • Gift Committee - works with the Hospitality Committee during the Pastors' Appreciation to organize the special gifts items. They also insure that there are gifts for the guest speakers.
  • Hospitality Committee - works closely with the Gift Committee and Pastoral Care Committee. This committee is responsible for organizing the pounds and toiletries for Apostle & Dr. McGowan.
  • Pastoral Care Committee - works closely with the Gift & Hospitality Committees. This committee also works closely with Apostle & Dr. McGowan as well as guest visitors. One of the most frequent duties is serving the leaders and ministers with refreshments.
  • Planning & Development Team -works closely with Apostle & Dr. McGowan to keep fresh events and ideas for worship and other important areas of the church.This team meets once a month.
  • Property Management - This group keeps the church lawn and lot nice. They are also responsible for maintaining the good quality of the electrical, heating & air systems.
  • Sound Management Team - oversees the Audio equipment for each service. One of the team members must be present for each service. This team also records and produces the CDs and or Cassette Tapes of the services.
  • Stewardship Committee - is responsible for careful and responsible management of the church's financial resources.
  • Sunday School Department - is one of the important parts of the Christian Bible Study. The Sunday School Department consists of the Superintendent, teachers (for children & youth) and secretary. The duties of the Sunday School Superintendent are to review and distribute the Sunday School lessons, teach and oversee the classed when needed.
  • Ushers

1. Ushers must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the service.

2. Greet worshippers, making every attempt to help them feel welcome and at ease.

3. Escort members and guests to their seats.

4. Distribute materials related to the service/meeting such as programs, tithe & offering envelopes, handouts.

5. Receive certain offerings, delivering them promptly to the treasury department of the church.

6. Maintain alertness for any emergency that may arise.

7. Assist/guard worshippers while they praise God.

  • Welcoming Committee - makes sure that all guests and new members feel welcome by demonstrating the love of God by giving assistance, showing extra consideration and attention to their needs and desires.
  • Youth Ministry - is designed to nurture our youth and to help them grow in their faith. The ages range from 12yr to 20yrs.
  • Youth SS Teacher - Teach the youth the love and attributes of Christ.