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God's House of Deliverance

Holiness Church

"A Place Where the Holy Spirit Lives and Moves"

Night of Declaration and Victory!

For so many, this year has been accompanied by pain, regret, loss, sickness, etc. In the last service of the year, we are going to make a declaration that this season of our lives will end in VICTORY! 

In this service we will bring a list (placed in a box) of everything that we want God to dismiss out of our lives. The list might include: sins, short comings, weights, addictions, debt, sicknesses, etc. Whatever we have struggled with on this year or throughout our lives, we will be able to lay it down at the alter and as a symbol that God is taking them and casting them into the sea, to remember them no more. After letting go of our past, we will then rejoice and praise God for the freedom and blessings that are in our future!

Refreshments will be served after the service.

God's House of Deliverance Holiness Church

302 S. Kaufman St.

Seagoville, TX 75159